Quickly Fix the DNS PROBE FINISHED NO INTERNET issue in Google Chrome

So you are also experiencing the error that says "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET" while trying to surf the internet on your internet browser(Google Chrome most probably). Well, before looking into the solution to this problem, let's understand what the problem is, and then we will jump to the solution. 
Before that let's look at some basics terms related to this problem such as DNS. 

dns probe finished no internet

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DNS: DNS stands for Domain Name System and every website, computer, or network device which is connected to the internet has its IP(Internet Protocol) address such as 192.158. 1.38(in IPv4) in which each number can vary from 0 to 255. The web browser only recognizes IP addresses for communicating while humans like to remember the alphabetical name of something. So DNS is like a Phonebook that directs the computer to visit a particular IP address whose URL or Domain name was typed into the address bar. DNS eases the human effort by making him remember the name of the Website instead of its IP address. 


In this error, the browser is unable to locate the IP address of the Website and this could be due to multiple reasons. Here's a list of multiple solutions which can be applied to find the solution to this problem:

1. Reboot your PC: There are chances that your computer is not able to connect to the internet due to misbehaving of a program which happened due to some error or an update that happened in the background. So restarting the computer will reload all the programs and install any update if it is causing any issue. This might not solve the problem, but it is recommended to give it a try. 

2. Restart your Router: Unplug the power supply of the router and plug it in after a while to look if you can access the internet or not.

3. Reboot your Router: If the Router of your internet connection might be causing some issue then rebooting your router will solve the issue. You can reboot your router by following these steps:

  1. Connect to your Wi-fi connection.
  2. Type the control panel address(which starts with 192.168) of the router into the address bar of the browser and hit enter.
  3. Login and look for the setting.
  4. In the setting options, you will find the reboot button which you have to click on and you are done. 

4. Chrome Extensions: Sometimes the chrome extensions interfere with the functioning of the browser and cause an error while connecting. As Extensions do not work in the Incognito mode. To know if an extension is causing the issue, follow these steps:

  • a. Go to options and click on New Incognito Tab.
  • b. A new incognito tab will open up.
  • c. Now enter the address of the website that you are trying to surf and hit enter.
  • d. If the browser can connect to the internet then definitely some extension will be causing the error.
  • e. Now go to the browser by typing Chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit Enter or Go to settings and click on the Extensions option from the Right Sidebar.
  • f. Now Remove the newly added extension and if the problem persists then remove all the extensions.

5. Clear DNS Cache of Google Chrome: Sometimes old cache can also hamper the proper functioning of the browser so clearing the DNS cache also solves the issue. To clear the cache, follow these steps:

  • a. Open Google Chrome internet browser.
  • b. Click on the Address Bar.
  • c. Type Chrome://net-internals/#dns in the address bar and hit Enter.
  • d. A new window will appear where you have to click the Clear host cache button.
  • e. Now restart Google Chrome and try reconnecting to the internet. 
dns probe finished no internet

6. Change Protocol DNS Settings: Since your ISP's(Internet Service Provider) DNS is unable to perform a lookup so you might need to change your DNS settings. You can use Google's DNS by following these steps:

  • a. Right-click on the Internet connection icon available on the Taskbar or go to the start menu and look for Network.
  • b. Under the network, look for Network and Sharing Centre
  • Go to the Control Panel and Look for Network and Sharing Center.
dns probe finished no internet
  • c. Now go to the change adapter settings option available in the sidebar.
  • d. Right-click on the connection which is active and then go to properties.
  • e. A new menu will open up where you will have to look for the IPv4 option.
  • f. Select the IPv4(Internet Protocol Version 4) option and click on the properties option available under the box.
dns probe finished no internet
  • g. A new menu will appear where under the General tab there will be options for the IP address and DNS.
  • h. Choose the "Use the following DNS server addresses".
  • i. Now enter for Preferred DNS Server and for Alternate DNS Server.
dns probe finished no internet
  • j. Click OK and restart the browser for reconnecting. 

7.Change Chrome DNS Setting: The previous step is most probably going to work for multiple users, but if this does not work then you can try changing the DNS setting of your Chrome browser by following these steps:

  • a. Open Google Chrome internet browser.
  • b. Go to the settings.
  • c. In the side menu click on Privacy and Security.
  • d. Under Privacy and Security click on the Security option.
  • e. Under the Security tab look for the Advanced options.
  • f. Under the Advanced tab, DNS options will be available where you need to select the second option named with.
  • g. Under with, you will have a list of Multiple DNS options from where you can use Google DNS or any other option accordingly. 
dns probe finished no internet
  • h. Now restart Google Chrome and try reconnecting to the internet. 

8. Flushing DNS: Flushing your old DNS also helps sometimes. To flush DNS follow these simple steps:

  • a. Go to the Start menu.
  • b. Search for Command Prompt or hit Win + R and type CMD.
  • c. Right-click on Command Prompt and then click on " Run as Administrator". 
  • d. Command Prompt having black screen will open up where you have to type ipconfig/flushdns and hit Enter.
  • e. Now restart your PC and check Chrome if the issue has been fixed or not.

9. Resetting TCP/IP: TCP/IP(Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) can be reset by following these steps:

  • a. Open Start Menu.
  • b. Search for Command Prompt or hit Win + R and type CMD.
  • c. Right-click on Command Prompt and then click on "Run as Administrator". 
  • d. Command Prompt having a black screen will open up.
dns probe finished no internet
  • e. In the Command prompt, sequentially type the following commands and press enter after each command.
  1. ipconfig/release
  2. ipconfig/all
  3. ipconfig/flushdns
  4. ipconfig/renew
  5. netsh int ip set dns
  6. netsh Winsock reset
  • f. Now Restart the computer and try connecting to the internet.

10. Update Drivers: Outdated drivers can sometimes be the reason why this DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET error is occurring. Follow these steps to update the drivers:

  • a. Go to the Start Menu.
  • b. Search for Device Manager.
  • c. Under the Device Manager look for Network Adapters. 
  • d. Select the Adapter and Right-click on it.
  • e. Upon clicking a new drop-down menu will appear from where click on Update Driver Software.
  • f. Now select Browse my computer for the driver software option.
  • g. Then select Let me pick from a list of available device drivers on my computers.
  • h. Now click next and your drivers will be updated.
  • i. Now restart Google Chrome and try reconnecting to the internet. 

11. Reset Google Chrome: Some wrong settings might have caused the error to pop up so resetting Google Chrome might help. Follow these steps to reset your Google Chrome:

  • a. Go to the Settings.
  • b. Click on the Reset and Clean option under the Advanced tab of the left sidebar.
  • c. Under this menu look click on Restore Settings to their original defaults option and then Reset.
dns probe finished no internet
  • d. Now Restart the Browser and try connecting to the internet. 

12. Update Google Chrome: There are chances that a bug or pending update might be the reason behind the issue so updating Google Chrome seems a viable option. Update the Google Chrome by following these steps:

  • a. Go to the settings.
  • b. Click on Help or Type Chrome://settings/help in the address bar and hit enter.
  • c. Click on About Chrome(Update Chrome Browser).
  • d. After updating restart the browser and try connecting to the internet. 

13. Uninstall Antivirus: Sometimes Antivirus interfere with the working of other apps and also consider Network connection as unsecure. So try uninstalling or Disabling the antivirus and check if the previous persists. 

Note: Uninstalling or Disabling the Antivirus can be risky so if this does not solve the issue then immediately install or enable the antivirus.

14. Disable Firewall: Sometimes Firewall also considers Networks as unsecure and causes the issue. You can turn off the firewall to check if the issue clears and if it does not then immediately turn on the firewall. 

15. Turn Off VPN: VPN(Virtual Private Network) might be causing the issue. So try to connect without using a VPN otherwise use a Paid VPN because they offer full functionality as compared to the free versions. 

We hope this article helped you solve the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET issue.
Thanks for Reading!!

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