Disadvantages of 5G Network - Is it really harmful ?

There are a lot of Tweets, Social Media Posts, Articles flooding the Internet regarding the side effects of the 5G Network. Famous activists and celebrities have also been seen talking about the disadvantages of 5G Networks. There are a lot of studies done on this topic and much more are to be done in the future to be very sure. Apart from these, there are a lot of facts and studies which result in a conclusion worth considering.

Disadvantages of 5G Network

Before understanding the disadvantages of the 5G Networks let's just understand what this 5G Network is and how it works.

What is 5G Network ?

5G refers to a 5G generation Telecommunication network. It is the new-gen network announced in the 15th release by 3GPP(3rd Generation Partnership Project) organization which has also developed protocols for 2G( 2nd Generation), 3G(3rd Generation), and 4G(4th Generation) networks. 5G is developed to overcome the flaws of the previous generation network(4G) by introducing new features, offering High-speed internet, and low latency.

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What is the controversy regarding 5G ?

5G has proved to be a rumored network up to such an extent that people have blamed it to cause life-threatening diseases. 5G uses Radio waves that lie between the frequency range of 25-39 GHz. The previously used radio frequency spectrum was very crowded and the 5G technology needed a new space and that is why the unused mm-wave spectrum was chosen. The frequency range between 30GHz to 300GHz lies in the mm-wave spectrum from which a very small part is to be used for 5G communication. A lot of people think that the spectrum used in the 5G technology is highly ionizing and can affect our DNA resulting in mutations and Cancer. 

What is the Truth ?

The electromagnetic Spectrum contains both Ionizing and Non-ionizing radiation frequencies(eg. Ultraviolet, Gamma, X-Ray). The mm-wave spectrum, which is used in the new 5G Technology lies in the non-ionizing part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum. 

Disadvantages of 5G Network

This Wavelength of the wave and the Energy associated with it has an inverse relation. As the radio waves have a longer wavelength and hence have lower energy while the ionizing frequencies have shorter Wavelengths and higher Energy. Due to their Less Energy, the radio waves are unable to penetrate our DNA and cause any harmful effects.

Note: Microwave Ovens also operate in the radio frequency range but they have more power which helps them to heat the food. 

Wi-Fi and Cell phones signals have very low energy and that's why they can heat our body and devices to a very little extent. However, some studies show that affect these waves affect the Water and Sugar molecules of our body.

What's the Conclusion ?

The science behind these waves and multiple studies depict that the 5G technology is completely safe and 5G has been implemented in a lot of countries. There is a lot of research going on this topic which might open up new chapters in the future. 

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