How to turn off mouse acceleration?

If you are a gamer and are noticing your mouse pointer going berserk while trying to quickly take a shot or your mouse is going crazy while you use it for normal stuff, then there might be a chance that your operating system has the mouse acceleration turned on by default.

How to turn off mouse acceleration?
But before diving into the solution to this problem let's just understand what mouse acceleration is and how could this cause problem?

What is a Mouse Acceleration? 

Mouse acceleration is the inbuilt feature of the Windows operating system(under the name Enhance Pointer Precision) which accelerates the cursor movement and makes it travel more distance on the screen when moved fastly on the mousepad. When we slowly move the mouse from point A to B(on mousepad) then the movement of the cursor is shown on the screen as less distance traveled but when the mouse is moved fastly between the same points A and B then the cursor will travel more distance and that too at fast speed. 

What are the problems associated with the Mouse Acceleration?

Mouse acceleration increases and decreases the DPI(Dots per Inch) which makes the cursor move weirdly. This random speed and movement of the cursor interferes with the muscle memory of our hand and can make us miss the shots while playing first-person shooting games. Gamers are the people that mostly encounter problems due to the mouse acceleration since they are not used to mouse acceleration. 

But the good thing is that this mouse Acceleration or the Pointer Precision features can be turned off easily by following some simple steps.

How to Turn off Mouse Acceleration?

1. Go to the Start menu.
2. Type Control Panel and then click on the Control Panel or Directly Type Control Panel in the Search option located in the Taskbar.
3. In the Control Panel menu you have to locate the Mouse or you can search for it. 
How to turn off mouse acceleration?
4. Clicking on the Mouse will open you to the new window named Mouse Properties.


To skip the above steps, directly Type Mouse Settings into the Windows search bar available on the Taskbar and then click on the Mouse Settings option from the results. Clicking on the Mouse settings will open the new window where you have to find the Additional Mouse Options under the Related Settings corner. Clicking on the Additional Mouse settings will open the Mouse Properties Window.

How to turn off mouse acceleration?

5. Under the Mouse Properties Window, click on the Pointer Options menu. 
6. Under the Pointer Menu, uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision button and then click on Apply and then finally click Ok. 
How to turn off mouse acceleration?
7. Following these steps will turn off the mouse acceleration and the effect could be felt instantly. 
We hope this tutorial helped you to turn off the mouse acceleration. 
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