How much RAM do i need: 8 GB, 16 GB or 32 GB ?

RAM(Random Access Memory) is a type of Primary Memory that stores data(actively used by the computer) for a short period so that it can be accessed quickly. RAM is one of the most important parts of the computer which helps our computer to operate and switch between multiple tasks smoothly. The more programs your system is running, the more memory you’ll need.

How much RAM do i need
The major question among users' minds is that "How much RAM do they need?" and the answer to this question depends on the work of the user but it is always better to have RAM more than your requirement. RAM generally comes in the range of 2GB to 32 GB sticks which can be installed on a motherboard accordingly to get the desired results. In this article, we will be dividing the RAM requirements for users according to their use:

RAM requirement for Normal use

If you are a normal user who uses their PC just for normal tasks like doing Homework, Using Word Processors, Web Surfing, Entertainment purposes, etc. then 8 GB RAM would be more than sufficient for you since all these tasks require less memory hence they can run smoothly. Apart from these daily tasks, you can also try your hands on Light Photo and Video editing apps without having your computer struggle. If you somehow have a slight interest in gaming then going for 8 GB RAM would be quirky because modern games are way more detailed and heavy. However, you may still be able to play some games on 8 GB RAM smoothly but to play high-end games you will have to compromise with the experience.

RAM requirement for a Student 

If you are a college student then you might be using your device for a wide range of applications varying from Gaming to doing Assignments, Coding, doing creative stuff, etc. For a college student, 16 GB RAM would be the minimum requirement since they apart from Homework and Assignment explore creative options like Photo Editing, Video Editing, Designing, 3D Modelling, etc. Also for a budding Youtuber or a Freelancer, 16 GB of RAM will smoothly serve the purpose.

RAM requirement for Professionals and Gamers

If you are a professional who is engaged in Design and Engineering, Modelling, High-End video, Photo Editing, Streaming, Gaming, etc. then you should have a minimum of 32 GB of RAM but this requirement can also shoot up to 64 GBs if you are into Game Development, Animation, or any heavy task. 

How much RAM generally everyone should be having?

16 GB RAM is the perfect figure for anyone willing to buy or upgrade a PC because it will let you do a wide range of tasks smoothly. Also, if in the future you want to explore something new then 16 GB of RAM would be more than enough for an amateur to start in any field. 

How much VRAM do you need?

If you are into Gaming or any Graphics intensive work then apart from a decent RAM, you will also require a decent amount of VRAM(Video Random Access Memory). Like RAM, the VRAM is used to store the Graphic data while doing a graphics-intensive task. For normal works like Watching Netflix, Videos, Viewing Pictures, etc. 2 GB RAM is sufficient and is sometimes integrated into the CPU. But if you are looking to play some old games and also want to do light video or Photo editing then you will have to install a graphic card of a minimum of 4GB. Playing the latest games and doing other Graphics intensive stuff like Video Editing, Animation Designing, Engineering Designing, etc. would require a minimum of 8 GB of VRAM for which you will have to install a graphics card worth 8 GB. 8 GB VRAM will mostly serve the purpose if paired with 16 or 32 GB RAM but it would still be better to go for more than 8 GB variants if economic constraints are not there. 

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