How to fix Realme C11 Heating Problem?

Realme has been delivering budget mobile phones to cater to a large number of people but with the reduced pricing comes some issues. Cost-cutting to a Smartphone can lead to making changes in the Hardware. Like many other budget smartphones, people are facing heating issues with Realme C11. Realme C11 lacks major cooling features like Liquid cooling due to which it is getting heated but this heating problem in Realme C11 can be fixed by making some changes in the smartphone settings.

Realme C11 Heating Problem

Here are the few steps to overcome your Realme C11 heating problem:

1. Turn off Multiple Hardware Features: Hardware features like GPS, Bluetooth, Internet, and Wi-Fi Hotspot use Hardware to function which can generate heat in the smartphone. So it is advised to Turn off these features when not in use and also not to use these features at the same time. 

2. Reduce Brightness: Light is a form of energy that generates heat so the screen brightness should be kept at a minimum level where everything is visible clearly. It is advised to Turn on the Auto-Brightness features which intelligently adjust the screen brightness according to the Daylight and saves energy.

3. Restrict Background Task and Apps: There are multiple Apps and Tasks that continuously run in the Background sucking power from the battery and generating heat. So it is advised to turn off all the background apps and Tasks(eg. Auto-Sync) to save power and keep the device cool.

4. Do not use multiple apps at the same time: Using multiple apps at the same time requires more processing power which results in heating of the Processor and since there is no special cooling feature then the smartphone can heat up. It is advised to not use multiple apps at a time to improve performance and cooling.

5. Do not cover the surface of the smartphone: The heating up of smartphones could be a result of poor ventilation. Using Thick covers and ones with no pores can cause the heat to build up because they have very poor ventilation. So it is advised to not use Thick covers and not to keep the smartphone under Pillow or Blanket. Make sure to keep it under the fan if the device has heated up.

6. Limit the use of Smartphones in Hot Environments: Any smartphone can heat up in Hot environments so the use of smartphones should be avoided in Hot environments and it is also advised to remove the cover of smartphones in summers. Also, make sure to limit the use of smartphones in the summers to reduce the build-up of heat. 

7. Turn on Airplane Mode: Signal reception and Internet usage also utilize Hardware so the Airplane mode should be turned on if the smartphones have heated up too much. Also, if you are in an area with very less signal so it is advised to Turn on Airplane mode because in Low signal smartphone struggles to connect and causes heating problems. 

Note: Airplane mode restricts the connectivity so it is only advised to Turn on Airplane mode if it is safe.

I hope this article helped you to tackle the Realme c11 heating problem.
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