What is pximouse? Is it safe or not?

So you just came across a process named pximouse on the Task Manager of your computer and you are skeptical about it. You might be wondering if it is a virus or any other malicious program? pximouse is found on multiple systems under the name TiltWheelMouse.exe and pximouse.exe.

These weird names make them sound like a Malicious program but they are not. Let's look deeply at what they are and why are they on your PC?

What is pximouse?

pximouse is a driver used to ensure the functioning of mouses equipped with Pixart optical sensors. A company named PixArt Imaging Inc. makes optical mouse sensors for four types(gaming mouse, wireless mouse, wired mouse, and track-on-glass mouse) of mouses. Whenever a mouse equipped with a Pixart sensor is plugged into the PC then it will automatically install the pximouse driver to ensure the smooth functioning of the mouse. 

Is it safe? 

Since pximouse is a driver which ensures the functioning of the mouse so it is clear that it is 100% safe to be left on your computer. A lot of people and websites claim that it is malicious software(Keylogger) that is recording your Keystrokes and mouse movement. But it is not the truth, however, there might be a chance that a Malicious program could be sitting on your PC under the name pximouse. 

How to check if pximouse is safe or not?

If you are concerned about the pximouse installed on your computer then you should follow these simple steps to ensure if it is safe or not:

  1. Go to the Task Manager and look for pximouse under the processes tab. If it is taking less memory and working normally then it is totally fine but if it is not behaving normally then you need to scan the file.
  2. Under the Processes menu of Task Bar look for pximouse and right-click on it and then click on Open File Location. If the file location is found to be C/Windows then it is sure that the program is safe. If it is found to be somewhere else then make sure to scan the file.
  3. To scan pximouse to check for malware, just install any updated Antivirus or Windows Defender and run the system scan. There are Multiple websites that scan for malicious files, you can upload pximouse and check if it is safe or not. 

Should you remove this?

Since pximouse is a driver for the optical sensor of the mouse so it is not recommended to Disable or Remove this driver. Removing it can lead to the malfunctioning of the mouse. However, you can remove this program if you are using a Laser mouse or any other mouse that doesn't use this sensor. 

Final Conclusion

pximouse is a driver made to ensure the functioning of an optical sensor of the mouse. It is safe and if you find something fishy then you can scan it with an antivirus or online scanner.

We hope this article about pximouse helped you understand and clear all your doubts about the driver.
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